The Nightmare Cue

The Nightmare Cue

Crossroad Cues was selected to be the official dealer of the special & very limited custom-made “Nightmare Cues”! These amazing creations are sure to be highly collectable!

They are a true tribute to the world-famous champion Mr. Keith McCready! Keith, who is famously known for his epic character, “Grady Seasons”, in the movie “The Color of Money”, is a fantastic pool player and larger-than-life ambassador of the sport! Keith McCready’s fire-power on the table was unmatched in his day and he will always be one of the most exciting and charismatic players to observe on the table!

Each of these incredible one-of-a-kind cues are numbered and signed by Keith personally and are made 100% by hand in the shop of Gary Langley Custom Cues in Indiana.

Gary  is an absolute perfectionist and builds each custom cue with a touch of excellence. The style and design of all of Gary’s work is very distinctive and really stands out as artistically amazing and unique.

These “Keith McCready” cues are not made to be wallflowers…. Gary worked in very close proximity to Keith to make sure each cue not only looks amazing but performs at the highest level on the table!  Keith says that a cue must have “guts” and be “forward weighted” to truly be a great player! Nobody would know better as Keith is known to be one of the greatest shot makers to ever play the game!

Each carefully handcrafted custom cue comes with a personally signed pic of Keith McCready signed, “Color of Money”. We will have some of these available in extremely limited quantity from time to time…. They sell out extremely fast so don’t miss out on the opportunity when it comes to own a piece of American pool and billiard history!

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