Keith McCready Nightmare Cues

Keith McCready Nightmare Cues

The day has finally arrived! We have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the second batch of special made Keith McCready, “Nightmare Cues!”

Our good friend and Indiana Cuemaker Mr. Gary Langley himself created these highly collective pieces of history and drove up to deliver them in person to us at Crossroad Cues!

These are going to be made in a very limited run….. So far only 8 have been made in the first series and now the new additions are with us available for sale!

We have numbers 9-12 Each comes with an autographed picture of Keith McCready and a Certificate of Authenticity!

Each cue is made to Keith’s, AKA the earthquake, specs including his must have forward balance!

There is a picture of Keith from his famous roll as Grady Seasons in “The Color of Money” on the butt cap of each cue and his signature is in the Forearm.

We are very excited and honored to have been chosen by The Champ himself and Mr. Langley to be the official dealer of these fine custom cues!

There will be very few of these made and they are obviously highly collectable to say the least….. All that aside they play fantastic as do all of Gary’s cues!

Available now while they last! Only $2,575!

Crossroad Cues Team

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