About Us

Edward J. Piekarski Jr., “Eddie P”

Matthew 19:26 – “But Jesus looked at them and said to them, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” 

Edward J. Piekarski Jr., “Eddie P”, as he is most commonly known, was born into a family full of good pool players. Originally from the South Side of Chicago, he grew up in Northwest Indiana.

Eddie started playing pool at a very early age and was hooked immediately! He spent countless hours practicing and became a true student of the game. By his mid-teens he was playing at a very high level and was constantly competing and excelling in local tournaments and action matches every time he had a chance.

Eddie Piekarski - "Eddie P."

Eddie always had dreams of becoming a professional pool player and even went on some road trips traveling to different states to compete for money and experience the game in different areas. At the age of nineteen, he entered into what would end up becoming his lifelong career in sales by way of the automotive industry.

Eddie was a pure, raw, natural talent in the car business and quickly devoted all of his time and energy to learning and developing the skill-set it would take to truly excel in this industry.

With working long and demanding hours there was not much time left to compete and play pool so to everyone’s surprise Eddie took a nearly twenty year break from the game of pool that he so loved to play. Through his intense drive and ambition, he focused on the car business. He was really able to excel and became extremely successful almost immediately.

“Eddie P” has won numerous awards over the span of many years of dedication in the sales arena including the Salesman of the year award several years in a row at one of the largest volume Chevrolet dealerships in the Chicago land area.

He is also a “Mark of Excellence” award winner. This is a prestigious award given only to sales people who not only excel in productivity but specifically in “customer satisfaction”.

Eddie says that the people skills he has learned and developed after so many years helping customers in the car business have truly helped him to develop into the successful entrepreneur he is today! He firmly believes that “if you don’t take care of the customers someone else will”!

Eddie went on to build three highly successful consulting and special events businesses and traveled the entire country for many years working hand and hand with automotive dealers nationally where he was able to help numerous clients grow and develop their businesses to record-breaking levels.

He is the host of his own weekly radio program in Chicago called, “On The Move With Eddie P”. He loves to motivate and inspire others to live a good, clean life and reach their full potential!

Crossroad Cues was born after a much overdue return to to the game of pool. Eddie jumped back in with both feet and not only bought a table and began to play again everyday but started collecting cues and not long afterward started buying, selling, and trading!

He has been extremely blessed and fortunate to have made some amazing connections with cue makers, collectors and fellow players all over the world! With all of his business and sales experience and most importantly the Lord’s favor, the company literally took of like a rocket ship and has continued to increase year after year.

Crossroad Cues is now one of the absolute highest-rated and most reputable custom cue dealers in the industry and Eddie P and his wife Talli pride themselves in running the most honest and ethical business possible.

Out of all of his success in sales, life, and business, Eddie P says that his relationship with God and his faith have been the key attribute and foundation to everything he has been able to accomplish and achieve.

One of his favorite passages of scripture is Mathew 19:26, “Jesus looked at them and said to them, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Eddie & his beautiful wife Talli have been blessed with healthy children and love their dogs! They have two highly trained European Dobermans and a Frenchton named “Dingo” that definitely brings much excitement, joy and laughter to their home to say the least!

Eddie & Talli Piekarski, the owners of Crossroad Cues, are very happily married and truly love to spend as much time together as possible. They selflessly choose to dedicate most of their free time serving others by way of their outreach ministries and commitment to their local Church and community. They take the day-to-day operations of their business very seriously… Talli is an absolute perfectionist and will definitely pack and ship your cues with a spirit of excellence!