Special Thanks to Derek Kirunchyk

Special Thanks to Derek Kirunchyk

We believe in giving credit where it’s due.

Special thanks to Derek Kirunchyk for doing a fantastic job installing new Spanish Bull Wraps on two of our Cognoscenti cues from our personal collection!

We also chose to have him install some extensions and we could not be happier with the quality of his work, speedy turnaround time and overall professionalism! AAA+ review and recommendation to Derek from Crossroad Cues!

As a dealer, collector, and avid pool player we are very picky. We are selective on who does any type of work on our cues, and we will definitely be using his services again and again.

Derek Kirunchyk lives in Kentucky. He can have work shipped to him from anywhere. He stocks a wide variety of different types of wraps and extensions.Our Cues were shipped back to us super fast and packed like a champ!

Thanks a Million!
CrossroadCues Team

(Derek Kirunchyk can be reached via Facebook Messenger)

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