Steve Klein

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  • Steve is now retired and these don’t come up often!
  • We are fortunate to have it in stock at Crossroad Cues.
  • The design is very elegant and it has alot of intricate work in it for the cash…… Definitely a nice catch!
  • 4- Ebony points in-to Birdseye Maple up front.
  • 5- Veneers! Red & Silver…… Really sharp!
  • Ebony butt sleeve w/ a beautiful inlay pattern consisting of white natural material & silver dots!
  • Each point also boasts a matching design…….
  • The top & bottom of each point is inlayed……
  • A genuine black leather wrap separates the front and back of the cue with a nice texture, it seems to be wild scotch…..
  • Stainless Steel Piloted Joint 5/16-14 Pin
  • One Maple shaft included- 29.5″ 4.0 oz- 12.9 m
  • The ferrule and inlays are all natural material, no overseas shipping available. Some states also have restrictions based on the regulations.
  • Butt weight- 15.6 oz- 29″ Nice straight cue!
  • Condition: Used but not abused! Very good looking cue in person no doubt! No dents or dings…… One small mark in the finish under the joint and a few minor scratches in the finish of the butt sleeve. Nothing serious and hard to notice unless you look close.
  • Very solid “old school” hit! A real pleasure to shoot with…… Perfect forward balance!
  • Special Offer Only $ 1,875! #DEAL!