Southwest Extremely Rare

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  • Made by Jerry Franklin himself in 1990! ( Pre-Date )
  • A signed letter of authenticity is included
  • This amazing cue has been kept in really good condition for its age! It plays like a dream!
  • The nose is Central American Cocobolo w/ six points of Cocobolo complemented w/ a Cocobolo butt cap.
  • The Cocobolo is very dark and rich!
  • Each point is bordered in White & Orange Veneers.
  • The decorative joint rings are natural brown linen phenolic and Cocobolo w/ 6-slot white /orange / white.
  • Black / White Irish Linen Wrap- 16.07 oz- Butt weight.
  • Total length is 58 inch- 3/8-11 SW Pin
  • The butt has the normal SW roll from the Parabolic Taper. No dents or dings! ( Really well kept. )
  • Shafts- # 1- 3.4 oz- 12.6 oz- / # 2- 3.2 oz- 12.6 m
  • For their age these old growth maple shafts are still in decent condition, one has a taper roll but it’s nothing major. One ferrule is different, it appears to be micarta.
  • This cue is a definitely a keeper! Crazy good hit as you would expect from a Franklin! These are getting harder, and harder to come by…….. Here is your chance!!!
  • ( Serious inquiries only Please) VERY RARE BIRD