Rick Geschrey Esoteric Cue – SOLD!

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Here is a truly eclectic custom cue! Made by our good friend and master cue maker Rick Geschrey. To say the least, this is not you’re traditional cue!

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One of a Kind Esoteric Cue!

This is a remarkable example of Rick’s artistically flavorful “out of the box” & unique style.
Their are notably 142 inlays in this cue! Just to name a few, the center area above the wrap has 58 inlays and the geometric design pattern on the Ebony butt sleeve boasts 36.

The rings are very detailed “tiny S’s” with chamfered ends. All of the inlays on the cue are razor sharp without radius ends. ( A very time consuming task / process from the maker!)

What’s fascinating and adds to the ambience of this particular cue is the fact that it is literally all wood and the inlays are Holly, which appear to have the look of Ivory…. Most Cuemakers would not dare attempt this exhausting and strenuous task…..

During the sanding of the butt it is very difficult and an arduous process not to get the Ebony or Purple Heart dust in-to the Holly. (Crazy hard!!) Rick said it took him 5 hours of sanding and resealing the cue several times with a 48 hour cure to keep those inlays clear using 120 Psi air with hand sanding….. He is quite proud of the fact that there is not a single spec of dust in any of the inlays!

The design features 12 Spear Points in the Forearm. A series of pattern inlays are configured in such a way that when you spin it on a table its mesmerizing…….

  • The Joint & Cap are Super Tusk- Purple Heart & Ebony Forearm that is an even split. (Butt 29″) 15.8 oz
  • Ebony butt sleeve (Parabolic Taped Butt) Rolls perfectly! (Slimmer Handle size)
  • Forward balanced with a very solid and commanding hit! This cue really, moves the ball effortlessly.
  • Embossed Croc Black Leather Wrap.
  • Two old growth Maple shafts- 3.75 / 3.45 oz- 13m
  • 3/8×14 Modified Pin- (New Cue Unchalked)

Rick made this extraordinary creation with influence and a nod towards one of his inspirational mentors world famous designs the “Orca Cue” by Stew Mortson.

The “Orca” design as does this one portrays the food chain witnessed in the Faralon Islands where the Great White Sharks have been seen feeding on bait fish schooling while the infamous “Orca’s” lurk in the backdrop preparing to feast on the Great White Sharks in fulfillment of their natural position in The Creators “Scheme of Totality”. Hence the “tiny S’s” inlays in the rings of this cue that depict bait fish and the large Holly inlays that represent the large teeth of the Sharks and Orca preparing to feast……

To say the least this cue is Extraordinary!!
This is the case with everything that comes out of the Esoteric shop, originally in Chicago now in Las Vegas.
Rick’s work is a constant reminder to the Billiards community that he possess a truly eclectic gift of being able to manifest his visions on canvases called pool cues! Make no mistake this is 100% ” Functional Art” and not designed to be a “Wallflower”.

The “Performance” and ultimately the hit / playability of an Esoteric cue have always and will always remain the most important aspect and benefit of ownership.

Each cue possess a “Solid Maple” hit all the way from the Ferrule to the butt, no matter what species combo is utilized in the build in this case “Purple Heart” & Ebony, “The Hit” primarily comes through the Maple and remains consistent. ( This is attributed to the use of a laminated Maple core).

Rick is confident in this process being one of the keys to a cue not only having a superior hit / playability, He believes when a cue is built with this paradigm it will forever remain straight and true. All Esoteric cues including this one come with a lifetime guarantee!

The science behind the “Big Pin” 3/8×14 Modified used in this cue is the fact that the shafts are threaded using Garolite Le inserts, this basically guarantees that the threads will hold up long term and not degrade. Credit should always be given where it is due….

Rick Geschrey who is obviously an extremely gifted master level cue maker has been inspired and taken influence from some of the absolute best known cue makers in the industry such as….Joey Gold, DPK, Burton Spain, Joel Hercek, Craig Peterson and was mentored by Stew Mortson the (Pantagraph artist) for Bert Schrager and Ray Schuler.

We are honored to say the least to offer this special cue! Rick has held it in his personal collection since he made it about 5 years ago… It was on display in Los Vegas for a while for people to enjoy and now he is ready to let it go! With the amount of time / workmanship that went into this build the original price was going to be between 5-6k, but Rick has graciously allowed us to make it available at Crossroad Cues for a massive discount for only $ 3,950.00!! This is a fantastic deal……..