PFD Studios Titleist

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  • Built by the Hall of Fame Master, Paul Drexler!
  • Brunswick Titleist Style! World class player!!!
  • The Joint & Hoppe Ring are both “Natural White” material……. Flat faced IV. ( Hits Great! )
  • Premium EE Wrap with a perfect grip!
  • Beautiful “Titleist Colors” in the veeners………
  • Natural / Brown / Teal / Purple- 58 inch Cue
  • Big Pin Radial- Everything rolls straight!
  • Two Maple shafts included, one is not even chalked and the other has only has a few test hits…..
  • One is 3.7 the other is 3.6 oz- Both 13.25 m
  • Very clean cue besides a few marks on the black phenolic butt cap. No dents or dings………..
  • We will give a 100% money back guarantee on the playability of this one! Whoever get’s it will not want to put it down…….. Nice solid and commanding hit……..